vendredi 28 avril 2017

RELEASES 2016 / Treue Um Treue / Obscène & Anémique

Released 2016 on Treue um Treue: "JE NE SUIS PAS LÀ, JE NE SUIS PAS MORT"

 C42 professional Chrome Plus tape - silk-screened gold on transparent blue shell - 4-panel J-card - in norelco case - lim. ed. of 100 hand-numbered copies

 "After the excellent "Paradies" CD out last year on Zoharum, our favorite lamenting troubadour is back on reel with the grooviest and also saddest NIEDOWIERZANIE album to date. On "Je ne suis pas là, je ne suis pas mort" ( "I'm not here, I'm not dead") the sun drenched mal de vivre, the mediterranean despair and bohemian misery reaches unchartered heights, inviting the listener to joyfully swing along over the debris of a mislead existence. Punchy rhythm machines and swag synth basslines collide with washed out mandoline chords and swirling accordion, urban modernity encounters folklore, east meets west & This is where all antagonisms join in the cheery carousel of exasperation."

Side A
La Mélancolie

Side B
Qué Mal
Voie De Garage
La Mutilation
Triste Chronique D'un Désastre Annoncé



"This monster tape is a testimony of the mythical mongo tour which united MUSHROOM'S PATIENCE, DIAMANTENER OBERHOF, NIEDOWIERZANIE and TZII on the sinister road between Brussels, Mulhouse, Mainz and Würzburg. Those are not live recordings, but studio tracks made specially for this release. Mushroom's Patience is a cult experimental / surreal band from Roma formed in the early 80's. Diamantener Oberhof is the duo of Johannes Schebler (of Baldruin) and Christian Schoppik (of Brannten Schnüre) Niedowierzanie is a pathetic lament, originally from Marseille. Tzii, hailing from Brussels, has been spreading his cinematic, dark and weird music over the world since 1996. Expect nothing but surreal obsessions, bizarre folk, brainless mongo pop or dark cabaret musick. This tape is limited to 77 copies, with an artwork designed by Christian Schoppik and Johannes Schebler."

"Swesor Bhrater is a mysterious act, the personnal project of V-Y, also a member of BRUTA NON CALCULANT, playing an enigmatic mix of folk, cold electronic music and haunting experimentations. SB just released its first album on Hieratique Records, and previously appeared on the Minnesang compilations (Octroi Records). Brannten Schnüre is an experimental dark folk group out of Würzburg, Germany. Christian plays the accordeon and in some songs guitar and flute. Inspired by hierophants like Novy Svet and David Jackman, solemn song fragments (a lot of old greek rembetiko-recordings) are modified and looped, with additional instruments and voices being integrated later on. His music has been described as "surreal folkcollage" and "German hauntology". This split-tape limited to 77 copies presents exclusive tracks and a painted artwork by Christian Schoppik."

This tape seems to be sold out on, but is still available at our brothers in staalplaat